Browse our range of Windsor and Newton professional Water Colour Paints 5ml tubes. Also available in half pans.

Lemon Yellow Hue (Nickel Titanite)

Quinacidone Magenta

Bismuth Yellow

Permanent Magenta

Cadmium Lemon

Winsor Lemon

Winsor Yellow

Lemon Yellow Deep


Transparent Yellow

Cadmium Yellow Pale

Turner's Yellow

New Gamboge

Cadmium Yellow

Winsor Yellow Deep

Indian Yellow

Cobalt Violet

Permanent Mauve

Ultramarine Violet

Winsor Violet (Dioxazine)

Indanthrene Blue

Cobalt Blue Deep

French Ultramarine

Ultramarine (Green Shade)

Cobalt Blue

Winsor Blue (Red Shade)

Antwerp Blue

Prussian Blue

Green Gold

Naples Yellow

Naples Yellow Deep

Yellow Ochre Light

Yellow Ochre

Raw Sienna

Gold Ochre

Quinacridone Gold

Brown Ochre

Magnesium Brown

Burnt Sienna

Light Red

Venetian Red

Indian red

Cadmium Yellow Deep

Cadmium Orange

Winsor Orange

Winsor Orange (Red Shade)

Cadmium Scarlet

Scarlet Lake

Cadmium Red

Cadmium Red Deep

Winsor Red

Rose Doré

Quinacridone Red

Winsor Blue (Green Shade) 

Brown Madder

Cerulean Blue (Red Shade)

Potter's Pink

Cerulean Blue

Perylene Maroon

Manganese Blue Hue

Perylene Violet

Phthalo Turquoise

Caput Mortum Violet

Cobalt Turquoise Light

Raw Umber

Cobalt Turquoise

Burnt Umber

Cobalt Green

Vandyke Brown

Winsor Green (Blue Shade)




Winsor Green (Yellow Shade)

Payne's Grey

Winsor Red Deep

Terre Verte

Permanent Alizarin Crimson

Perylene Green

Alizarin Crimson

Permanent Carmine

Permanant Rose

Oxide of Chromium

Hooker's Green

Permanent Sap Green

Rose Madder Genuine

Opera Rose

Olive Green

Terre Verte (Yellow Shade)

Neutral Tint

Ivory Black

Lamp Black

Mars Black

Davy's Grey

Chinese White

Titanium White


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