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 Single layer Jigsaw Lino Printing 

Introduction to single layer Jigsaw Lino 

1 day course Tuesday 29 September 2020 10am to 3pm

£70 including materials

On this course you will learn how to compose and cut a single layer jigsaw lino image using soft cut lino. Using thin papers, you will learn how to print your image by hand, a technique you can repeat in your home studio. Create varied prints using different colour combinations, varied thin papers, and recomposing your image.

Course structure • Explanation of Jigsaw Lino printing and looking at examples • Identifying the different areas and planning of your image • Cutting the block using soft cut lino • How to register your print

• Inking your lino pieces and printing with a baren. • Use a variety of thin papers to add

interest and colour to your print

• Recompose your lino pieces and use varied colour combinations

Experience level


Beginners and/or those wishing to refresh their skills.


Maximum 5 places

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